ABS vibration table, sabok sazane zarin naghsh knowledge enterprise, is designed and manufactured according to all expected usages of a vibration table, our various products are proper choice of producing and making concrete structures such as: artificial building stones, artificial decorative and antique stones, concrete blocks, colored curbs, decorative, packing and distribution the foodstuffs in order to reduce their volume and…


One of the main uses of vibration table is to send out the air bobbles from concrete mixture which increases resistance, durability and stability of the concrete structure. Concrete compaction process by using zarrin naghsh ABS vibration tables, comes to the highest and most desirable possible quality due to regular vibrations




  • Using Russian abrasion resistant plates for all parts and the body.
  • Moreover, these resistant plates increase their service life and the ability to be used continuously
  • user friendly
  • Compaction made by zarin naghsh vibration table noticeably reduces permeability of the concrete and it can protect the reinforced concrete in damaging environmental conditions
  • Vibration tables are engineering designed, before manufacturing they’re simulated by the application which causes regular vibrations and also reduces the sound made by the machine by localizing the spring places, pieces and engine

•        That special design of the ABS vibration tables makes it easier to be placed in small workshops without annoying people and making a loud noise, that strong point has made our ABS vibration table significantly noticeable