Blocking mixer

We need a block mixer or morat maker or betonir to make morat blocks.
Due that blocks need a lot of volume to make concrete and blocks should have the block mixer that could be able to prepare high speed mixing and morat production and feeding for a variety of spawning machines,fully automatic and semi-automatic pallet grinders.
Sabk Sazan Zarin Naghsh company has succeeded in making different mixers in different volumes for the use of blocking workshops.
It should be noted that due to the fact that the mortar of the blocks is damp, it causes corrosion of the wall, the floor of the mixer block and the nails of the blades.
Sabk Sazan Zarin Naghsh due to the fact that it needs special alloy in the construction of concretes that are highly resistant of corrosion has used spiral pipes or direct welding of anti-wear steel alloys from Japan and also we use the blades of wheel chains bulldozers which use for 24 hours for corrosion and abrasion in the vicinity of moving sand and different difficulties for the nails of block mixer blades and on the other hand, we use very powerful motors,steel gearboxes to install these devices.
In addition for fully automatic pallet making machines and blocks that produce fully automatic pallet, we have succeeded in making various types of one Shaft mixer or Twin Shaft for high speed or turbo mixer. Also, the alloy of these mixers is anti-wear.
It should be noted that due to the fact that materials used for light block are granules or dustrial pumic and have much lower specific gravity than sand and cement, we have started to produce mixers that can produce these lightweight blocks in a homogeneous manner.
On the other hand in some workshops different fibers are used in the blocks such as metal fibers, Glass fibers or bottle (glass) fibers.
The blades are able to mix different types of material with different types of fibers.