Cement Plast artificial stone vibrating table


Cement plast is one of the most popular artificial stones that are produced in two types of nano and polymer. The high strength and durability that nanoscale and polymer materials give to stone is one of the special features that make it superior. High coherence in the stone structure requires correct observance of the mixing design, amount and time of mixing and complete removal of air bubbles. Compression and reduction of internal porosity of the concrete structure of cement-artificial synthetic stones, which is one of the main factors in improving the appearance quality and mechanical properties. This compaction can be achieved both by using self-compacting concrete and by vibrating tables with continuous vibration. With the aim of producing quality product, Danesh Bonyan Sazan  Zarrin Naghsh Company has modeled vibrating tables that have the best efficiency and effectiveness with uniform vibration, in the shortest possible time, with very high accuracy, without creating noise and disturbance. In this machine, anti-wear sheet is used to increase its life and due to the continuous friction of the mold with the body of the vibrating table, it shows high abrasion resistance.