Colored concrete mixer

In recent decades, with the advancement of technology, the needs of the construction industry and due to the unique properties of concrete, many uses and applications have been created for concrete. In addition to the high compressive strength of concrete that makes it among special building materials, the variety of production in design, shape, pattern and texture, in any desired style, allows a variety of capabilities.

Adding different colors to concrete and mixing and turning this rough material into the elegance of nature, to show a beautiful view, has made it one of the most popular practical materials.

Therefore, Zarrin Naghsh Sabok Sazan Company has achieved special achievements by designing mixer engineering devices and special vibrating tables in order to produce quality various types of concrete structures with the highest efficiency. Colored concrete mixer designed and simulated with software, mixes all types of pigment and powder paints uniformly and homogeneously. With this method of mixing, the concrete maintains the desired color, without changing color or opacity in the face of environmental conditions with the desired appearance.