Colored mosaic mixer


Mosaic is one of the most widely used building materials. Mosaic is a very dense floor that has a concrete structure and consists of sand, cement, stone powder, aggregate, water and depending on the mosaic, polymer, nano or additives are added to it. Compression and compaction are done by vibration method or press method. Mosaics can be produced in various designs and shapes. Danesh Bonyan Sabk Sazan Zarrin Company engineering, designing and producing the role of devices and equipment for making all kinds of mosaics with the best quality and special formula of the company, which is one of the 15 patents invented by the CEO of the company.

In particular, in a color mosaic mixer, the combination of materials and colors is done well. In this type, because the color is in the composition of the mosaic, it does not change color or blur over time.

Another feature of the colored mosaics obtained from the mixer designed by Zarrin Naghsh is its very high resistance compared to similar samples. This resistance has increased significantly both in terms of pressure and resistance to environmental pathogens. This feature makes colored mosaics suitable for busy passages that are exposed to pressure, severe environmental conditions and on the other hand make it beautiful.

Also, in addition to design and shape, it can be produced and supplied in any color capacity to create different models, by adding special pigments.