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Here we offer you Seyed Abbas Haghparast, the inventor of 15 new concretes, including ultra-light and super-resistant concrete, the holder of 5 world gold medals of the Scientific Olympiad of World Inventions and the Doctor of Structures.

Design and commissioning of artificial stone production line, cement plast, vibrating mosaic, polymer mosaic, colored concrete tables and prefabricated concrete parts manually and semi-manually and automatically with advanced concrete technology Manufacture of batching and mixers for all types of concrete, including high-strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, lightweight concrete and roller concrete.

Making two-shaft mixers for fiber and colored concrete in different volumes with anti-wear alloys.
Making all kinds of mobile vibrating tables for rubber and EBS molds.
Production of various types of ABS, rubber and polymer molds for the production of artificial stone and polymer mosaics, and street and garden side tables

About the artificial stone

Why us

Experience alongside science

The device that is made in our workshop is first simulated in the software and its weaknesses are eliminated and it is made by trained masters abroad.

High experience in construction

To optimally build devices, you need a lot of experience in how to build. For example, a vibrating table should be made in such a way that the amount of vibration throughout the device is the same.

Special alloy

To make each device according to its different conditions, it needs its own alloy, including a mixer that acts like sandpaper when cement and sand are combined with each other and needs its own anti-wear alloy and electrode.

As a group of civil engineering and Manufacture equipment construction, in addition to domestic activities, Danesh Bonyan Sabok Sazan Zarin Naghsh company also manages construction projects abroad. for this purpose, relying on scientific knowledge, research achievements and 15 registered inventions in the field of concrete, it takes effective steps to improve the quality of construction while making the project cost-effective and considering environmental considerations. For example, photos and videos of one of the ongoing projects in Spain are shown.